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Are ceramic pans good?

Are ceramic pans good?




Good?… We think they’re great! Now that more people are becoming aware of the dangers of Teflon pans containing PFOA & PTFE chemicals, they are looking for healthy alternatives. If you are in to purchasing and eating healthy food, it makes sense because we are talking about food preparation.


Lets face it, we love to cook with non-stick pans because they are easy to clean and require very little fat or cooking oil, but we don’t love harmful chemicals! With the phase out of PFOA & PTFE by 2015, manufacturers have found alternatives to Teflon that are both natural and safe.


Ceramic coated cookware is becoming the go-to material for many chefs and home cooks alike. It is manufactured from a mixture of water, clay and finely ground sand. In most cases there is a 3-ply construction process that includes stainless steel, an aluminum core which ensures an even heat distribution and a ceramic interior. It is heated using extremely high temperatures a few times until it develops a smooth, nonporous surface much like glass. This process produces an all-natural cooking surface that is both non-stick and durable!


Many manufacturers are using non-traditional techniques during the manufacturing process. They are using top-grade recycled aluminum, stainless steel and natural finishes without the use of chemical paints or dyes. Even the packaging used to protect the cookware is made from recycled paper. This results in a 100% Eco-friendly manufacturing process that releases zero harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


What about durability? You can sear, fry, sauté and even broil, and you can even use metal utensils! Whether you are looking for a ceramic fry pan or a ceramic soup pot, they are both perfect for everyday use.


Are they as non-stick as Teflon? This has been a complaint of some ceramic pan purchasers. It depends on several factors… Quality, Use & Care.


Quality – You want to look for a quality ceramic pan with great reviews. One of the many great things about ceramic cookware is, it is not that expensive. The fry pan that I use cost about $75. I have had it for over two years now, and it still has excellent non-stick qualities.


Use – It is strongly recommended to not over-heat ceramic cookware. This will cause the non-stick qualities to disappear faster than you want them to. Ceramic cookware heats up very fast, and it is excellent at distributing heat evenly. Using a medium heat works perfectly and will extend the pans longevity.


Care – The care for these pans are very easy. Hand wash, dry and store properly. I do not recommend putting them in a dishwasher, and if you have tight cupboards and need to stack your pots and pans, we recommend pan protectors.


As mentioned before, the advantages to ceramic cookware are many. It is a no-brainer in our household. The surface is made using all-natural materials, contains NO harmful chemicals, a earth-friendly manufacturing process (most cases), great prices and come in an assortment of different styles, sure to complement any kitchen's décor!


To read more about PFOA & PTFE please visit our Learn More page.


As always feel free to post your thoughts :)


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